CLINY Introducer PEG Kit(With 20Fr Balloon Catheter)

Features and Advantages

1. Newly-designed PS Needle with "Needle Protection"
  decreases the risks of ...
  ●Inadvertent puncture into the posterior wall of
   the stomach.
  ●Needle-stick accident in medical personnel.
2. 20Fr Balloon Catheter with the larger lumen allows
  semisolid nutritional supplement to be fed with
  Stabilizer allows the catheter to be fixed
  horizontally along the patient's body to hold the
  catheter in a position when feeding is not done.
3. Loop FixtureⅡ enables percutaneous gastropexy
  easily in a hand before PEG.
New PS Needle with

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  • New PS Needle with
  • Needle Protection during puncture
  • Silicone 20Fr Balloon Catheter with Special Designed Stabilizer
  • Loop FixtureⅡ for Percutaneous Gastropexy


Introducer PEG Kit with 20Fr Catheter
Product No. Size Components of Kit
800 001 2171 PEG 20
Balloon Catheter x 1Pc.
20Fr (6.7mm) 10mL
Transparent with White Radioqapue Line
Open Tip with Two Side Holes
Depth marks at 10mm intervals between 20 and 110mm from the proximal end of balloon
800 001 2171 PEG 20 PS Needle
with TPA Sheath
x 1Pc.
Sheath: I.D.-7.4mm, L-100mm
800 001 2171 PEG 20 Loop Fixture II x 1Pc. Total Length 230mm
Puncture Needle: 20G (0.9mm)
Effective Length: 81mm

1 Kit per box, Sterilized with EtO gas

Operation Procedure (after Percutaneous Gastropexy)


Operational Video