About Create Medic

Message from the President

We will continue to build a medical-friendly future to the body.Chairman & President Masahiro Sato

Today, Japan is known as an aging society. It has a great meaning to make a contribution to improve quality of life and health of people by medical care.

Since the establishment of CREATE MEDIC Group, we have been devoting ourselves under our management philosophy of “quality of life,” dedicating our lives to the research, development and manufacture of more effective disposable medical devices made of silicone resin. This material has remarkable properties concerning safety and other benefits. In this way, we hope to support medical practices in the lofty purpose of maintaining and preserving life and to respond to more complex needs in the medical workplace. Our efforts have yielded Japan's first manufactured silicone catheter, earning us a high level of recognition both inside and outside Japan.

Biological sciences are making remarkable advances nowadays, particularly in medical technology. These advances include a less invasive operation that mitigates the patient's pain and burden, regeneration therapy as one of genetic technology applications, and an operation on a patient in a remote place televised and conducted under the simultaneous guidance of a surgery expert. We live in a time when the kind of medical technology that people have never thought of until recently is being put to practical use. As we have entered into a super-aging society, treatment in the chronic phase and home-health-care have been considered important in recent years.

The CREATE MEDIC Group regards its social mission as providing effective quality medical devices for hospitals using the full imagination and creative power of our technical development, and we continue to establish future medical technologies, which are gentle to human body.

We value your continuous and increasing support.

Chairman&President    Masahiro  Sato